Home Sweet Home

13 12 2009

Ayça picked me up at the Moline airport on Thursday evening. My trip back home passed without incident, except for a suitcase which had only been checked through to O’Hare. That showed up today. I am now happily back in Iowa, with temperatures reminding me of the early days in Antarctica.

Kristof, Ayça, Buddy and Angelo enjoy an evening at home on the sofa.

The West Lake Bonney ENDURANCE project has come to a successful end. ENDURANCE itself will fly back to the US at the end of December. Our season went extremely well, and there is talk of proposing future field campaigns for ENDURANCE or possible successor vehicles, so you may yet be reading updates from me here in the future. I’ll still put up a link to a picture album from this season once I upload it in the next week or two, but for now, this is Kristof, over and out.



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13 12 2009


13 12 2009
Maria Richmond

I’ll miss reading your blog entry every (almost) evening. Thanks for mentioning that your missing luggage arrived. I forgot to ask you on the phone.

13 12 2009

First a big Thank You for the great blog which was very interesting to read and gave a good survey at the progress of your mission. As I didn’t have so much time during the last weeks I took today’s “lazy sunday” to go through the December blog entries, which was fun as ever.

I want to congratulate the whole team on the succesfull mission. You all did a great job. (and hopefully some of you read this)

Also greetings to Ayca and the cats who all look very happy seeing you again after your expedition 🙂
I have heared about extreme wheather conditions in Iowa (heavy snow falls an storms) Hope you are both fine enjoy the last days of the year.

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