Cleaning Up

7 12 2009

Today was (if everything goes according to plan) the last day in Antarctica for four members of Team ENDURANCE, including me. We spent it cleaning up, packing, and returning stuff we checked out at the beginning of the season. I helped out the team at the BFC.

Emma and Leah checking all of our field gear back in to the BFC.

Shilpa at the pee bottle washing station at the BFC. We used the bottles in the field when an outhouse was too far away, or too hard to get to (like from your sleeping bag). But they do appreciate it if you clean out your own before checking it back in.

The four of us leaving tomorrow just had our bag drag, and now it’s off to the ENDURANCE good-bye party at Southern X-posure, one of the three local drinking establishments.



One response

8 12 2009
Maria Richmond

Can’t blame them for them wanting you to clean out your own pee bottle!! Hoping you don’t have too much of a hang over from last night’s good-bye party!!!

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