Back in MacTown

5 12 2009

This morning, I got up still slightly groggy from last night’s escapades. Since we are returning to Christchurch on Tuesday, Peter, Chris, Shilpa and I were prioritized to leave Lake Bonney on the early flight at around 10 am. We packed up our stuff and helped Emma get ready for leaving camp by moving some empty barrels and taking down some empty tents. When the helo landed, we finished putting on our ECW, brought our gear up for the helo tech to pack in, clambered in, buckled up, and we were off. As our last views of Lake Bonney passed by in the windows, I’d wager we were all thinking about the great times we’ve had there and whether we’d ever see this beautiful panorama again.

Shilpa got the window seat on the ride back from Lake Bonney to McMurdo.

My view wasn't quite as good.

After a 32 minute flight, we arrived in McMurdo. Just like when we arrived at the beginning of the season, it felt like we’d been gone a long time, but yet had never left. We all took showers, did some laundry, ate some fresh fruit and salad in the Galley, and once again took up the accoutrements of normal, civilized life.

My bed in the Bunk Room in the dorm called Hotel California, where Chris, Maciej, Jim and I have been put. There have been weather delays of more than a month for some of the large parties going out to the field this year, and the town is bursting at the seams trying to accommodate everyone.



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6 12 2009
Maria Richmond

Have safe flights back all the way to Iowa. Muttertier

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