Last Day for ENDURANCE

3 12 2009

The final day for ENDURANCE has come and gone. We started off with a successful mission, getting in the last bathymetry, and also a few field demonstrations of new robotic capabilities.

Kristof, Chris, Emma, Vickie, Rachel, Shilpa, Peter and Bill pose with ENDURANCE after its final mission.

Then it was time to start packing up. ENDURANCE is much too heavy, and has too many fragile instruments, to be transported fully assembled. The syntactic flotation has to come off, the sonde, DVL, USBL, cameras, batteries, etc., have to be removed and packed up. So we spent the rest of the day making sure we’d be ready for the first sets of helo flights of our stuff scheduled to go out tomorrow.

I work on removing one of the syntactic flotation blocks.

Bill, Peter and Chris working on packing the syntactic blocks into boxes for shipment back to McMurdo.

Peter, Emma and Bill working on disassembling ENDURANCE and packing up the 'bothouse.




One response

4 12 2009
Maria Richmond

hard to believe that almost 2 months have gone by. Congratulations on a successful expedition. Looking forward to seeing you. Muttertier

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