The Daily Commute

23 11 2009

My daily update schedule has gotten a bit out of whack due to the extended internet outage, so I’ve decided to take more of a themed approach to my posts. Here is the first in such a series: the joys of commuting in the Dry Valleys.

Lake Bonney Camp is located on the east lobe of Lake Bonney about 4 km as the crow flies from the bothouse on the west lobe, which ENDURANCE calls home. In order to get from place to place on the lake, we are provided with swank 6-wheel ATVs which can be driven on the ice. (To avoid damaging the fragile soil ecology, no driving on dirt is permitted.) These then provide us with transportation for the Lake Bonney daily commute, which takes about 20-25 minutes. (Rush hour is usually around 9:00-9:30 am and another half hour sometime in the evening).

Emma and me in an ATV in front of Bonney Camp, ready for the morning commute.

Bart, Chris and Rachel taking in one of the sights along the way: a mummified seal who got lost in the valley possibly thousands of years ago.

On the West Lobe connector. The ablating (basically means eroding) permanent ice makes this the bumpiest part of the ride.

On the Inter-Lobe Expressway. The seasonal ice re-freezes smooth every year. Of course, this means it doesn't last through the summer, and currently is beginning to get rougher and more broken up. Even down here you have to deal with potholes.

Saddling up at the bothouse for the evening rush hour.

Rachel has also posted an awesome video of the commute on Facebook, which you may be able to view, depending on your level of friendliness to both of us.




One response

24 11 2009
Maria Richmond

very interesting. Hopefully I am still friends with you and maybe with Emma on Facebook, so that I can see Emma’s report!! :=)

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