Waiting for the Batteries

22 11 2009

(Nov 23, 2009: I just found this draft, which I apparently was working on when the internet went out.)

No pictures again today. Chris took back his camera to record some of the things he was fixing inside of the main processor housing, and then left the camera in the ‘bothouse. I’ll upload some pictures tomorrow.

We figured out that yesterday’s problems were caused by a dirty wire where the router for the network in the robot is plugged into the power supply. This was causing the router to turn off from time to time and caused the network outage we saw.

While debugging things yesterday, Bart also figured out that the new batteries are having some problems which essentially cause them to have to shut down with about 20% of their power still available. This might have been contributing to our battery problems in the last few days. So while we had the ‘bot taken apart, we also took apart the batteries. Bart is working on some fixes at the moment, while the rest of the team is back at camp eating dinner. When he finishes up, he’ll put the batteries back on charge, and we’ll have a team head out early tomorrow morning to put them back together and re-install them in the ‘bot.

The weather is excellent. Our outdoor thermometer is reading 2 °C, though it is in the sun, so it’s skewed high. I plan to go out for a little run tonight before heading off to bed.




One response

23 11 2009
Maria Richmond

Alles hat seine Vor- und Nachteile! Hoping that you won’t have too many glitches, and that the ones that will come up can be fixed quickly. One learns from experience!

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