Kick-@$$ day.

21 11 2009

We are just finishing up a long day which got interrupted by some water in a slip-ring returning data from the drop sonde, but got us some great data in the end. Here is a pretty picture for now.

ENDURANCE in front of the Taylor Glacier. This image is a frame from the visualization of the sonar data recieved by ENDURANCE as it swam in front of the glacier face today. The orange blob in the center is ENDURANCE, the red is the lake ice above, the orange and yellow are the glacier face and the green is the lake bottom. You can distinguish the open area under the lower shelf of the glacier which ENDURANCE currently can not see into, but which we hope to explore in missions on Monday and Tuesday.

We’ve been working for about 17 hrs straight. We’ll get a good night’s sleep and take the day off tomorrow, back to the Taylor Glacier on Monday.




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