A Day to Relax

11 11 2009

Today started out with a wonderful breakfast (more like a brunch, or actually a lunch) made by Chris.

Chris Breakfast

Chris's breakfast with gravy. Yeaah!

Then I got in my weight lifting session helping Emma around the camp.


Helping Emma move greywater barrels that a helo dropped off.

Later in the afternoon, John Priscu and I took two ATVs over to West Lake Bonney to check on the ‘bothouse, and also gather some glacier berries. Along the way, we paused to climb up a portion of the Taylor Glacier. There is a spot where the ice is not a steep face but more a ramp, and you can actually climb all the way up on top of the glacier and up to the Antarctic Central Plateau. Robert Scott and his party took this route on one of their exploratory missions during the first British National Antarctic Expedition in 1902. John and I just went up a few hundred feet to see the view.

Kristof in the Crack

In one of the melted rills on top of the Taylor Glacier

Glacier Berry Gathering

Gathering glacier berries.

Tomorrow, we’re back to some exciting ENDURANCE missions. This time, we’ll be trying out our new, longer fiber optic tether. Wish us luck!




One response

12 11 2009
Maria Richmond

I am sure the reason why you had some glitches was that I didn’t wish you any luck yesterday. I am writing this on 11/11 at 11pm Boulder time. 😦

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