The Long Road to Bonney

30 10 2009

Well, finally have an uninterrupted internet connection. Here, in pictures, is a brief summary of the trip from McMurdo to Lake Bonney:


One of the B-212s taking off with ENDURANCE wrapped in its protective black cover, with fins.

Me with A-Star

Me standing in front of the A-Star that took Bart and me out to Lake Bonney.

Aviator Bart

A shot of Bart in his sweet aviator getup, taken from my seat... in the front!

Bonney Camp from A-Star

The view from my seat of Lake Bonney Camp as we approached the helo pad.

Bothouse from A-Star

The view of the construction site in front of Blood Falls emerging from the base of the Taylor Glacier.

Remaining SAS Land

The B-212 bringing in the rest of the Stone Aerospace crew to the 'bothouse site.

Erecting Tent

Chris, Bart and me helping to erect the 'bothouse tent skeleton.

Out of Gas

After we finished working for the day, we headed back to Lake Bonney Camp. On the way back to camp, one of our ATVs ran out of gas. Here we are waiting for a refuel. And freezing.

Emma Cook

When we got back to camp, Emma, our wonderful camp manager, had dinner cooking and the tea-cow on the stove. What a wonderful welcome to our home, sweet home for the next 5 weeks.




2 responses

31 10 2009
Maria Richmond

very interesting photos. Was at Whittier volunteering today. I had given your blog address to the new librarian and he had looked at it. The other day I saw Mrs. Pearlman and she says hello to you.
Take good care, Knilch

31 10 2009
Bart Hogan

Appreciate your great pictures that show the beauty, challenges and hard work of the project. Thanks for the picture of Bart the aviator – will show to his son Isaiah (Ike) who will get happy and excited. Bart Hogan, Sr.

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