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17 10 2009

I dropped my camera in my room this morning, and since then the automatic lens refuses to open. I’m going to tinker around with it some tomorrow (Sunday), which is kind of an off day, but in the meantime, I haven’t gotten any pictures. If I can’t fix it, Chris said I could borrow his camera, and pretty much everyone has a camera, I’ll just have to make sure to get pictures from them in time to post every day.
Emma and Rachel returned from survival training (aka Happy Camper School), excited but tired. Emma should be putting up pictures of that soon, if you’re following her blog.
We finally got the internet connection to the incinerator building fixed, so I’ll probably be moving down there from the Crary science building (the ivory tower of Antarctica) for most of the remaining time in McMurdo. I spent today mostly sitting in the office doing some final software clean up (and actually ended up re-installing Linux on my laptop…). In doing final tests on the new battery systems, Bart found some discrepancies between the schematics we were given for some of the parts and what is actually inside them. He’s still trying to resolve with the manufacturer whether these are actually important differences, but the time zone and fact that it’s a weekend is slowing things down somewhat. He’s still pretty confident that the batteries will be ready to go by Tuesday for our full-up test of all of ENDURANCE’s systems.
We are now planning to have Bill fly out to Lake Bonney with a bunch of carps…ehm Science Construction Workpersons…to start setting up the bothouse, and the rest of us will follow along with ENDURANCE itself on Friday. We should be doing our initial in-water tests on Monday in a week. I’m starting to get antsy to get out there and get things going. The first thing we’re going to do is look at and underneath the glacier, there’s going to be a lot of new challenges in getting there!




One response

18 10 2009
Maria Richmond

Knilchi, hoffe, dass du deinen Photoapparat wieder zum Arbeiten bringst! Jedoch, es gibt Schlimmeres. Wenn dir was passieren würde, das wäre viel, viel schlimmer. Es liebt dich, Muttertier PS dieser Photoapparat hat’s in sich! 🙂

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