12 10 2009

Enjoying the view from the Windsor B&nbspace;&&nbspace;B Hotel.

Enjoying the view from the Windsor B & B Hotel.

Christchurch is a beautiful little town to stay in. After getting all our cold-weather gear earlier today (sorry, I didn’t even think to take pictures of all the stuff this year), we spent the afternoon relaxing, taking in the beautiful spring air of New Zealand. I sat down to write my blog (there’s more coming later), finish up a paper review that’s due while I’m on the ice, and catch up on Facebook and email.

Last night Bill, Bart and I had a wonderful dinner at a Thai restaurant, Rachel decided to hit the sack. This morning I went out for a run along the little River Avon that flows past the botanical gardens and through town here. It’s really too quaint.

We’re due at the Antarctic Center at 6 am tomorrow morning to check in for the flight. If the weather in McMurdo cooperates, we’ll be down there after a relatively short 5 hour flight. If not, we may “boomerang” and have to spend another night or two in beautiful Christchurch…




3 responses

13 10 2009
Maria Richmond

Shame on you! You are supposed to keep us informed! However, the photo you did include looks so much like my son!!

13 10 2009

Kristof, your picture is beautiful! Keep us informed, I am enjoying following a bit of your adventure…

14 10 2009
Maria Richmond

I forgot to put smilies after my sentences last night!! 🙂

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