Computers… boo!!

11 10 2009

A few mundane hiccoughs today: I got off the plane in Sydney this morning (after a very pleasant flight in the company of two wonderful Australians), went to the transfer desk to check in for my flight to Christchurch, New Zealand, and promptly found out that the world-wide Air New Zealand computer network had gone down. They were unable to check me in or get any planes off the ground for about 6 hours.

Apparently, their communications and internet services were affected as well. I was trying to get a copy of my itinerary printed out (required for New Zealand customs), so the transfer desk sent me to the Air New Zealand business lounge. But their computers were unable to get internet access there, allegedly also because “the system was down.” The check-in staff and flight crew also commented that they were operating “kind of in the dark” as they didn’t have their normal communications with the central headquarters.

They finally sorted things out around 1 pm Sydney time, and got us on our way. On the shuttle to our hotel in Christchurch, I then heard a radio news report that Air New Zealand is blaming the problem on IBM, who apparently run the system.

Well, the first hurdle of this season is overcome, bring on the next one! Tomorrow, we have our Extreme Cold Weather clothing issue at 1 pm.




2 responses

12 10 2009
Art Richmond


Thanks for the updates. It’s good that you got through the only problem likely to occur on your trip to Antarctica without too much delay, and have arrived safe and sound in Christchurch. Now everything will be smooth sailing from here on out (let’s hope).


12 10 2009
Maria Richmond

so, you really were “down under”!! However, now you are in New Zeanland, which is not down under!!??

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