First Arrivals

6 10 2009

The first members of the team: Vickie, Chris, Maciej and Emma have arrived at McMurdo! We got the first email from Vickie today. They seem to be pretty busy already, getting everything ready so the rest of us can ship out to field camp as soon as possible after arriving next week.

Emma’s a first-timer (she’s come on board as our camp manager), so you can follow her blog to get a fresh perspective on Antarctica. In fact, I’m already feeling a bit jaded, though it is only my second time down there. I’m sure the continent has a few good surprises in store for me yet…

Meanwhile, I’m finishing up winterizing the house (fixing the front steps, putting up the storm windows) in Iowa, starting to get stuff together for packing, and making sure I have all the software, code, files, checklists, references, etc. we might need while we’re working at Lake Bonney.




2 responses

7 10 2009
Maria Richmond

Schön, dass wir so in diesen 2 Monaten bei dir sein können. Schwesterchen wird es auch gefallen, dass Brüderchen seinen eigenen blog haben wird. 🙂

7 10 2009

Hey Kristof,

I wish I were there too.
Enjoy Antarctica~


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